Memories of Green

Janius Log 3

We continued to explore the smugglers hideout for a bit, until we came to a room with who I’m guessing was the leader of this group. The assassin known as The Blade. He responded to our entrance with several throwing knifes, close calls each and every one. Also in the room were a pair of mage looking folks, one of which was standing in the way of getting to The Blade. He didn’t stand in the way for long. Moving past the first fallen enemy, Godfrey moves to engage the knife wielder, as the others fan out and split their attention between the other mage and The Blade. After dodging a few more flying blades, we surrounded The Blade, and Riggs was focusing on the remaining mage. I managed to get The Blade off his feet, just in time for the mage to decide to attempt suicide. He filled the room with a massive blast of fire, hoping to take us with him. Seems he overestimated his own power, when the blast cleared, we were still standing and both remaining smugglers where unconscious but alive. Quickly tied up as well. Didn’t The Blade have a sizable bounty on him?

Continuing through the hideout, we came to a large door, that needed a key to open up. Luckily enough, the key was found earlier in The Blades belongings. Rather then just opening the door, we agreed that there was most likely something on the other side that would not take kindly to our presence, so we decided to share some of the loot we had recovered so far. Potions of invisibility are really handy. And it was a good thing we did so. Fighting fair against devils is not a fair fight. Ever. As if we needed more proof that things were wrong here, the room housed both Devils and some mercenaries. Turing our attention to the devils first, the first pair goes down quickly enough, but the remaining one takes to the air and stays out of reach for a bit. At least until Riggs lets loose with his oversized Axe and brings it down. Afterwords we explore the room a bit. Seems to be a warehouse. We eventually pried open some of the crates. A missing Cold Mithral shipment. Hundreds of pounds of it, maybe even tons of it. Also find a locked chest. Before we started to mess with the locked chest, we were interrupted by what seems to be a talking cat. It warned us that the chest was trapped and offered to open it for us. The others responded, while i unfortunately stared at the creature. And then it disappeared. Don’t know what that was, but a cat it wasn’t. Hope i never see it again. Inside the chest was document after document, all with info on the smugglers activities. Couldnt make sense of it myself, but from what little i could, it is a definite that someone with some pull in the city is helping the smugglers. Which means we may have some powerful enemies shortly.

We returned to the surface, letting the authorities know what we found, and turned the still unconscious assassin in for his bounty. We spent the next week sorting out the various gear we had found, selling most of it. Turns out that Godfrey decided that instead of a normal bounty, combined with the recovery of the Cold Mithral shipment, we would each get a Cold Mithral weapon. Seeing as i had one already, i received the actual bounty. I also spent some of my money buying gear, specifically a nice set of standard mithral breastplate.

At that point Godfrey contacted us with another task. Turns out that the same smugglers that have been operating within the city were planning something at a small town. We were given a unit of militia to command as we headed off to join the defense of the town. We were intercepted by the smugglers when the descended on us in a horde. Thankfully basic militia training is more then a match for untrained brigands. Unfortunately it seemed like the smugglers where just buying time. We were set upon by a swarm of imps and had to hold on until the knights joined the battle. Once they joined, the battle went fairly quickly. Turns out the knights are under orders to contain the situation and they want us to lead a vanguard into the town to find out whats going on.

Janius Log 2

I hate the sewers. We ended up dealing with the first group of bandits easily enough, even if Gilchrist managed to get himself nearly run through. Godfrey spent a fair bit healing him this time. When we get out of this, i need to have a long discussion, in private, with each of them, separately. We quickly found a small hidden passage in the room, leading to what seems to be an underground complex. Of course, as we try to figure a marching order, and maybe SNEAK through, Gilchrist marches through and attracts another few smugglers. And Godfrey promptly jumps past us, and puts himself in the middle of danger, once again. I rush to his aid as Riggs finally starts his thing. With a rush of strength, and help from Riggs magic, I put down one of the smugglers threatening Godfrey. Turning around, i help the others finish the smugglers off quickly enough. Seems the hallways here are trapped something fierce. The less said about that the better, although i do have to say, watching Gilchrist get stopped cold by something was worth it.

Maybe five feet down the path, we get attacked by a pair of creatures that turned out to be Devils. Yep, these smugglers are going down hard, if i have to do it by myself, i will. Just before they went down they called for help, and out came pouring more then a dozen other smugglers, cutting me off from the rest, promptly surrounding Riggs. Were they aware of how he could empower the rest of us? Stik powered though the crowd to assist me, and with me and Stik on one side of the group and the others on the other, we surrounded them and hacked them apart one by one, eventually pushing them back into the chambers they came from, just to silence this group for good. Turns out the chambers they were hiding in were recuperation chambers for healing up after a fight. The best weapons are the ones stolen from your enemies.

After checking the smugglers, we move on a bit, finding an oversized door. Rather then prepping for the inevitable group on the other side, Gilchrist literally kicks the door open. First glance showed nothing more then an empty training room, but a second look revealed another group hiding, waiting for us. Once again, Gilchrist takes a beating, this time from a volley of arrows and bolts. Is ANYTHING going to convince him that running in like a fool is gonna get him killed. Seemed to actually be more or less even numbers this time, so we pick a target each and move to deal with them. One by one they fall, until the last two drink a potion and disappear. They reappear a few moments later, going after Gilchrist. Make yourself the biggest loudest target, and things are going to come your way like that. Hm…. If i could get him to CONTROL himself out of combat, but let him go completely in combat…. Well, the last two last a few moments at best, but get surrounded and fall to pieces in short order

The Gilchrist Chronicles
Chapter One: Fresh Out of Training

Training finally came to an end, and we were given a chance to show our moxie. Tournament Style Combat between us cadets to determine who deserved to hold a real blade. I tore through my first two opponents easily, cheering on my good buddy Scro when I could. My next challenger was Janius. I’m ashamed to say I lost to him. The glory of victory should have belonged to me, but I guess I let my pride and and anger get the best of me. In the end, it was indeed Janius who was champion of us all. At least I can say I’m still on equal standing with Scro, he lost to Janius as well.
Janius, Scro, Aurora, Stik, and Myself were highlighted as the best of the best, and selected as a new unit under Janius’ leadership (Much to my disliking. I’d prefer myself or Scro in the position). We were tasked as the bodyguards of Godfrey Vane. We were given weapons of our liking (I took a Glorious Greatsword and Two Trusty Tridents), and then we set off on our first adventure.
Not long into our journey, we found a heaping helping of corpses, and a cart with some decently sized eggs. I was thinking about making myself a nice tasty snack, but they turned out to be griffon eggs and momma bird was nearby. The injured griffon charged me, so I decapitated the beast. We then commandeered the egg cart for our own use and continued on our way. Not long afterwards, I spotted an angry bear heading straight for us. I, being the valiant champion that I am, jumped into harms way. I placed myself between the bear and the cart, readied my Trusty Trident, and awaited its charge. Everything went according to plan, and I made a nice brain-kabob. We decided to use the meat to feed the griffons. (Too bad I only thought about making a bear cloak after we carved it to bits. That would have been glorious.)
Next we entered a cave where I, as the bravest, took point. Some beast was lurking on the ceiling, but It could not hide from me! I spotted it with ease and hurled my Trusty Trident into it. It came to assault me in return, but comrades came to my aid (Just proof that I am more valuable to them than their own lives). We then encountered the most ferocious of beasts, A Green Dragon. Godfrey and I tag teamed the beast and put it down. There were many injuries, but none that we couldn’t recover from! We dragged it’s corpse back to town and I have ordered it be turned into armor for me.
Back in town, the clerics are frantic. Aroden seems to have given up on them. I’m glad my faith lies elsewhere.
The next noteworthy event was when that Scumbag Knight “Sir Kaine” insulted our honor. I was not going to stand by and let that happen, and I wasn’t the only one to think like that. Scro and Stik stood by me as we challenged the man to solo sparring matches in the name of honor! He took out Scro and Stik with ease, and he got a lucky blow off on me. I will have a rematch some day, but not today.
We then received word of a possible thieves guild, and our troop was tasked with investigating. I led the charge into enemy territory, where I was blindsided by an onslaught of sneaky characters. They almost had me, but through pure tenacity I was able to shrug off their attack and continue fighting. We dispatched them post haste, and we now sit in wait of what shall happen next.

Janius Log 1

Made it. Won the tournament. Against my classmates even. Although i didnt expect Aurora to hit that hard… Hell, i didnt expect her to make it to the finals. Kinda expected Glichrist to take the win. As a reward for the Tournament, i was gifted a beautiful sword made out of Cold Mithral, and command of our newest cadet unit. Turns out our new unit is to be the bodyguards of Godfrey Vane. First impression of him? Good, he actually seems to care about the people of the city. Gave some gold to a beggar on the way out of the city to investigate some weird attacks. Said beggar said something weird and disappeared into the crowds though. Just outside the city we came across a devastated transport, that seemed to have been attacked by a set of Griffons. Unaware of the remaining Griffon at first, we checked out the cart, to find a set of very large eggs, when we were attacked by the Griffon. Turns out they were Griffon eggs. And now our responsibility….. Well, i did say once that i would like a pet…. but a Griffon? We took the cart with us to to track whatever was responsible. Fairly quickly we found a cave with a monster hiding inside. Me and Aurora went to take point, seeing as we are the best ones for surviving a nasty surprise, but Glichrist forced his way inside first. Luckily for him, he noticed the monster before it could get the jump on him. It came down, and we cut it apart like it was nothing. Seems were at least good in a fight together. Checking the creature out, it seemed at first that it may have been the culprit, at least until we heard something bellowing outside about intruders or something. Then the true monster showed up. A gods damned dragon. Me an Aurora pushed forward as quick as we could to cover the rest of the group, hoping to buy time, when Godfrey rushed it for an amazing hit. We pushed against it, moved to surround it, even as it blasted us with it vile breath. Didn’t last long, but the fight wasn’t completely our way, we still needed to heal up badly. After killing the dragon, we dragged its corpse back to the city with us as proof, and Glichrist was thinking about getting himself a dragon plate suit made out of it. Seeing as he dealt the deathblow i wasn’t about to argue, and no one else seemed interested. After returning to the city, we made our way to the chapel to see the clerics for healing… but something seemed to go wrong. Every single one of them could no longer cast.

We went back to training for some time, with occasional outings with Godfrey but absolutely nothing ever happened on those. And i have no complaints whatsoever about that. One ambush by dragon is enough for me. Most of us used our shares of the dragons hoard to outfit ourselves a bit. Turns out good armor and weapons are expensive.

During a training exercise, several of our group took offense to something said by Sir Kaine, and before i could step in they had started screaming about honor and challenged Sir Kaine to individual combat. While he was well within his rights to beat the ever living crap out of them, he didn’t have to toy with them. He left before i could apologize for my subordinates actions, and dishonorable conduct. Godfrey then brought us up to speed with a lead on a smuggling ring in Sorendale. A Smuggling ring. In Sorendale. It must be a sign that these… fools thing they can set up in THIS city. Quickly following the lead, we end up in the sewers and find the den of thieves.Glichrist ONCE AGAIN goes charging in first, and promptly gets worked over by these thieves. Noticing a pattern here…. We move up to try to get in, but the fool was in the way till i could move him out of the door. Aurora moves in a cleared us an entry, only for GODFREY TO DO THE SAME EXACT THING. Officially noticing a pattern here. As his bodyguards, he needs to keep us between him and the enemy. I need to talk to him… Nothing came out if it this time, but sooner or later he is going to get hurt. And it will be my fault. We are expendable, as a Vane, he is not.


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