Memories of Green

Janius Log 3

We continued to explore the smugglers hideout for a bit, until we came to a room with who I’m guessing was the leader of this group. The assassin known as The Blade. He responded to our entrance with several throwing knifes, close calls each and every one. Also in the room were a pair of mage looking folks, one of which was standing in the way of getting to The Blade. He didn’t stand in the way for long. Moving past the first fallen enemy, Godfrey moves to engage the knife wielder, as the others fan out and split their attention between the other mage and The Blade. After dodging a few more flying blades, we surrounded The Blade, and Riggs was focusing on the remaining mage. I managed to get The Blade off his feet, just in time for the mage to decide to attempt suicide. He filled the room with a massive blast of fire, hoping to take us with him. Seems he overestimated his own power, when the blast cleared, we were still standing and both remaining smugglers where unconscious but alive. Quickly tied up as well. Didn’t The Blade have a sizable bounty on him?

Continuing through the hideout, we came to a large door, that needed a key to open up. Luckily enough, the key was found earlier in The Blades belongings. Rather then just opening the door, we agreed that there was most likely something on the other side that would not take kindly to our presence, so we decided to share some of the loot we had recovered so far. Potions of invisibility are really handy. And it was a good thing we did so. Fighting fair against devils is not a fair fight. Ever. As if we needed more proof that things were wrong here, the room housed both Devils and some mercenaries. Turing our attention to the devils first, the first pair goes down quickly enough, but the remaining one takes to the air and stays out of reach for a bit. At least until Riggs lets loose with his oversized Axe and brings it down. Afterwords we explore the room a bit. Seems to be a warehouse. We eventually pried open some of the crates. A missing Cold Mithral shipment. Hundreds of pounds of it, maybe even tons of it. Also find a locked chest. Before we started to mess with the locked chest, we were interrupted by what seems to be a talking cat. It warned us that the chest was trapped and offered to open it for us. The others responded, while i unfortunately stared at the creature. And then it disappeared. Don’t know what that was, but a cat it wasn’t. Hope i never see it again. Inside the chest was document after document, all with info on the smugglers activities. Couldnt make sense of it myself, but from what little i could, it is a definite that someone with some pull in the city is helping the smugglers. Which means we may have some powerful enemies shortly.

We returned to the surface, letting the authorities know what we found, and turned the still unconscious assassin in for his bounty. We spent the next week sorting out the various gear we had found, selling most of it. Turns out that Godfrey decided that instead of a normal bounty, combined with the recovery of the Cold Mithral shipment, we would each get a Cold Mithral weapon. Seeing as i had one already, i received the actual bounty. I also spent some of my money buying gear, specifically a nice set of standard mithral breastplate.

At that point Godfrey contacted us with another task. Turns out that the same smugglers that have been operating within the city were planning something at a small town. We were given a unit of militia to command as we headed off to join the defense of the town. We were intercepted by the smugglers when the descended on us in a horde. Thankfully basic militia training is more then a match for untrained brigands. Unfortunately it seemed like the smugglers where just buying time. We were set upon by a swarm of imps and had to hold on until the knights joined the battle. Once they joined, the battle went fairly quickly. Turns out the knights are under orders to contain the situation and they want us to lead a vanguard into the town to find out whats going on.



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