Memories of Green

The Gilchrist Chronicles

Chapter One: Fresh Out of Training

Training finally came to an end, and we were given a chance to show our moxie. Tournament Style Combat between us cadets to determine who deserved to hold a real blade. I tore through my first two opponents easily, cheering on my good buddy Scro when I could. My next challenger was Janius. I’m ashamed to say I lost to him. The glory of victory should have belonged to me, but I guess I let my pride and and anger get the best of me. In the end, it was indeed Janius who was champion of us all. At least I can say I’m still on equal standing with Scro, he lost to Janius as well.
Janius, Scro, Aurora, Stik, and Myself were highlighted as the best of the best, and selected as a new unit under Janius’ leadership (Much to my disliking. I’d prefer myself or Scro in the position). We were tasked as the bodyguards of Godfrey Vane. We were given weapons of our liking (I took a Glorious Greatsword and Two Trusty Tridents), and then we set off on our first adventure.
Not long into our journey, we found a heaping helping of corpses, and a cart with some decently sized eggs. I was thinking about making myself a nice tasty snack, but they turned out to be griffon eggs and momma bird was nearby. The injured griffon charged me, so I decapitated the beast. We then commandeered the egg cart for our own use and continued on our way. Not long afterwards, I spotted an angry bear heading straight for us. I, being the valiant champion that I am, jumped into harms way. I placed myself between the bear and the cart, readied my Trusty Trident, and awaited its charge. Everything went according to plan, and I made a nice brain-kabob. We decided to use the meat to feed the griffons. (Too bad I only thought about making a bear cloak after we carved it to bits. That would have been glorious.)
Next we entered a cave where I, as the bravest, took point. Some beast was lurking on the ceiling, but It could not hide from me! I spotted it with ease and hurled my Trusty Trident into it. It came to assault me in return, but comrades came to my aid (Just proof that I am more valuable to them than their own lives). We then encountered the most ferocious of beasts, A Green Dragon. Godfrey and I tag teamed the beast and put it down. There were many injuries, but none that we couldn’t recover from! We dragged it’s corpse back to town and I have ordered it be turned into armor for me.
Back in town, the clerics are frantic. Aroden seems to have given up on them. I’m glad my faith lies elsewhere.
The next noteworthy event was when that Scumbag Knight “Sir Kaine” insulted our honor. I was not going to stand by and let that happen, and I wasn’t the only one to think like that. Scro and Stik stood by me as we challenged the man to solo sparring matches in the name of honor! He took out Scro and Stik with ease, and he got a lucky blow off on me. I will have a rematch some day, but not today.
We then received word of a possible thieves guild, and our troop was tasked with investigating. I led the charge into enemy territory, where I was blindsided by an onslaught of sneaky characters. They almost had me, but through pure tenacity I was able to shrug off their attack and continue fighting. We dispatched them post haste, and we now sit in wait of what shall happen next.



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