Stats will be 18 18 16 14 12 10 with the option to move 2 but nothing over a 22, or under a 10 before racial adjustments one 18 must be str dex or con and the other must be int wis or cha No evil characters chaotic characters strongly discouraged

Traits any 2 plus trained solider +3 on profession solider and always makes it a class skill plus some other stuff i will explain when it comes up you may also pick a flaw if you wish
Races any core or more humanoid races Featured Races Catfolk Aasimar Dhampir Fetchling Ifrit Orc Oread Sylph Tiefling Undine anything else ask me first

languages any common +any Golarion humanoid I’m recycling them

human ethnicity’s same as above

Gods any patherfiner but don’t really pick one unless your a cleric

if you haven’t guessed profession solider will be VERY useful in this campaign

everyone and there families will be from the barony of Sorendale
please also think of the compassion of your family everyone must be a citizen of this city
honor duty and loyalty will be important
you start at level 2 with max hp per hd but have no adventuring gear weapons armor ect or money more on this later

Starting ages if your human or a shorter lived race you should be young or tween there will be no young char stat adjustments or class restrictions the campaign will take place over many years think decades

no gunslingers or guns

no eastern weapons

there will be extended downtime

skills that will get a lot of use Knowledge (Nobility), profession solider, ride, Knowledge (Planes) somewhat, Handle Animal for a bit, Knowledge (Local), Diplomacy, knowledge nature

you will be starting in a Military Academy
you don’t have to play a Martial class

Memories of Green

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