Memories of Green

Janius Log 2

I hate the sewers. We ended up dealing with the first group of bandits easily enough, even if Gilchrist managed to get himself nearly run through. Godfrey spent a fair bit healing him this time. When we get out of this, i need to have a long discussion, in private, with each of them, separately. We quickly found a small hidden passage in the room, leading to what seems to be an underground complex. Of course, as we try to figure a marching order, and maybe SNEAK through, Gilchrist marches through and attracts another few smugglers. And Godfrey promptly jumps past us, and puts himself in the middle of danger, once again. I rush to his aid as Riggs finally starts his thing. With a rush of strength, and help from Riggs magic, I put down one of the smugglers threatening Godfrey. Turning around, i help the others finish the smugglers off quickly enough. Seems the hallways here are trapped something fierce. The less said about that the better, although i do have to say, watching Gilchrist get stopped cold by something was worth it.

Maybe five feet down the path, we get attacked by a pair of creatures that turned out to be Devils. Yep, these smugglers are going down hard, if i have to do it by myself, i will. Just before they went down they called for help, and out came pouring more then a dozen other smugglers, cutting me off from the rest, promptly surrounding Riggs. Were they aware of how he could empower the rest of us? Stik powered though the crowd to assist me, and with me and Stik on one side of the group and the others on the other, we surrounded them and hacked them apart one by one, eventually pushing them back into the chambers they came from, just to silence this group for good. Turns out the chambers they were hiding in were recuperation chambers for healing up after a fight. The best weapons are the ones stolen from your enemies.

After checking the smugglers, we move on a bit, finding an oversized door. Rather then prepping for the inevitable group on the other side, Gilchrist literally kicks the door open. First glance showed nothing more then an empty training room, but a second look revealed another group hiding, waiting for us. Once again, Gilchrist takes a beating, this time from a volley of arrows and bolts. Is ANYTHING going to convince him that running in like a fool is gonna get him killed. Seemed to actually be more or less even numbers this time, so we pick a target each and move to deal with them. One by one they fall, until the last two drink a potion and disappear. They reappear a few moments later, going after Gilchrist. Make yourself the biggest loudest target, and things are going to come your way like that. Hm…. If i could get him to CONTROL himself out of combat, but let him go completely in combat…. Well, the last two last a few moments at best, but get surrounded and fall to pieces in short order



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